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July 19, 2011
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ME3 - Supporting James Vega by Naahzda ME3 - Supporting James Vega by Naahzda
EDIT: Sooo, people. I did this when the very first pic of James was shown and we didn't have any info on him or anything. We didn't even know how his final skintone would be like, so that's why he doesn't look like him AT ALL. I DID NOT white washed him, okay? That was all the info I had atm. I wanted to delete this, but I keep supporting James and he has become one of my favorite ME characters, so I'll leave this here, but with an explanation xD Thanks :)


Little James Vega (new ME3 squadmate) sketch (and Sgt.Whiskers, too, because I love to stalk the BSN and I fully approve of Vega saving kittehs :D).

I really don't know what's going on with all the Vega hate. Hating him because you don't like how he looks seems pretty childish and irrational, especially when you know how Bioware handles their characters - every one of them is a single work of art.

So while I don't LOVE him because honestly, that would be really childish too (given that we know nothing about him), I support new characters, and I support him, and I trust the Bioware writers.

So go and give him a warm welcome, people! He's the newbie and he's sure going to feel a bit awkward among the bunch of old friends that Shepard and his/her squaddies are. Go Shepards from around the world and have a drink with him!
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Phantom-Jaselin Apr 1, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I didn't like Vega at first cause he was just sort of randomly there, But then I got to know him and realized he's awesome.

He is now officially one of my Shep's Bros. :)
I supported him since he was announced because he's a Bioware character, and I suspected I was going to like him. Well, I not only like him, but I love him to pieces! He's awesome indeed ^^ all my SHeps treat him as a little bro :D
they maybe tough as muscles on the outside, but they sure have a heart for caring :)
Oh god, this is so old and lame and embarrassing, why did you comment it? xDDD
But I keep supporting James ;P
He is so cute here... Nice work... Light flows from every pixel...
Haha I LOVE that thread! :heart: love the picture too <3 Good job :D
Yes! Vega + Sgt. Whiskers FTW!
The reapers don't stand a chance.
Silieth Jul 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
People know nothing about him besides his looks and there are haters already?

Anyway, the pic is adorable! :love: Even though you did a great job on James (I like the shading on his face particularly) I can't stop looking at the gracious Sgt. Whiskers :heart::D
SemiLau Jul 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Gato! :D Y del personaje, nada sť, la verdad, auqnue me gusta el dibujo :)
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