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hng by Naahzda

so i thought… what if modern au nino with an undercut and a bit more of muscle… and then i thought hELL YEAH… AND THEN… I ADDED SOME FACIAL HAIR???


dude.bro. by Naahzda
so it turns out that time ago jafar was young and sweet only seventeen and he had a boyfriend he did lots of mushy stuff with including looking at him all doe eyed and following him around like a puppy
but then the boyfriend died
it sucks to be you jafar
babies by Naahzda
so today it's three wise men day (or whatever you call it in english), basically this is spanish christmas... so i thought i'd sketch some of my favorite tmm babies as a lil gift for the awesome girls who play them :3 y'all are precious and wonderful and asjdkafkf <3

Gem belongs to Wirls 
Fletcher belongs to Alaylyne 
Revas belongs to Gem-Jams 
Zephyr belongs to ClearingPuppy 
new piercing by Naahzda
new piercing

unlocked perk: enhanced blowjobs

unlocked achievement: my son remains the most fabulous

also a version with glowy eyes:…

Copypasted from the journal of my friend :iconlovelovegirl: . This is serious shit, so read it, spread the word and help in any way you can. She REALLY need help:

My kitty Stormageddon, or Stormi for short, came limping into my house about 5 minutes ago. It appears he has a badly broken back leg. I'm no vet but I can bend his back leg but there is a place near the hip where there is a bone poking and if I touch that he meows in agony. We can't pick him up without him screaming in pan, he can't walk without limping and STILL being in pain.

I don't have a picture of him because the baby is all black and fuzzy and, at the moment, he's curled up on a couch cushion where I've put him so he just ends up looking like this fuzzy black blob…

The thing is, I can't afford to take him to the vet right now. I honestly have 60-50 dollars to my name, bills that still need to be paid and I need food for myself plus more kitty food in the next two days. Since this just happened I have NO idea how much it will cost to fix my kitty. Even if I have to have him put down, I don't have the money for that.

I have no idea what happened to my baby but I really don't want to hear him suffer, I can't take it. So, I hate to outright beg but if anyone can spare anything to help him I'd be so very grateful. If I have to I'll post vet receipts and everything to prove that I took him…I just want him to be okay. Looking up online and hearing Micah talk there are so many bad things that can go wrong if this is just left unattended and his suffering is something I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I just let it go unchecked.

I would be forever grateful if you could repost/link/reblog this or donate to help him. My paypal is

To all of you who donate, I can't thank you enough and I swear that every penny will go to helping Stormi with his leg. For those of you who repost/link/reblog, you're such a great help for getting the word out.
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Elven supremacy
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